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Hey, It's Lynsey!

First off, I am so incredibly excited that you are here and I can't wait to get to know you more.

I'm a mom to two crazy boys, living in Northern Utah, and running my dream job from my phone while working a full-time 9-5. Yeah, I'm a busy person!
I thrive on staying busy though.

However, staying busy can also lead to burnout. I learned early on in my motherhood journey that I needed to prioritize myself and my own self-care.

The need to stay busy, and the need to prioritize my self-care all led me to find my love for skincare and self-pampering. I decided that if I'm going to talk about it so much, I might as well make money doing so!

So welcome, welcome to my crazy journey. It'll be real, honest, and a little messy. I am far from perfect and I don't strive to be.
"You get what you get on this page... Que music!"


End the Stigma: Mental Health Awareness is for More than Just Moms

*TRIGGER WARNING: This post talks about suicide and mental health. There are no affiliate links in this blog, but I am spotlighting a brand that gifted me the hoodie and shirt you see featured. That being said, I do highly recommend them and genuinely love their products. There are many links and resources in this blog for you to look into, and I encourage that. Please note, I am not a doctor or a licensed therapist, but I am a friend and an ally.* I have been pretty much an