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5 Things to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

If you are anything like me, your kids got WAY too much candy on Halloween, but now you're stuck with it. You either have to eat it all or do something with it. Here are some creative ways to get rid of your leftover Halloween candy!


Yes, you can do this. It's actually a great way for your kids to make a few bucks. Most dentists offer this to encourage kids NOT to eat their candy and promote healthy teeth. You can check local pages on Facebook or call your kids' dentist to see if this is an option they offer.


We did this and it was SO fun! Last year we made cookies. Just take any chocolate chip or sugar cookie recipe and add in your favorite chopped-up candy bars. This year we made pancakes! We tried it with M&Ms, Kit Kats, Milky Ways, Reeses, and Twix. My favorite was obviously the Reeses and M&Ms, but the Kit Kats and Twix were awesome too! This recipe is also super easy.

  1. Make your pancake batter

  2. Chop up your favorite candy bars

  3. Pour desired amount of pancake mix onto warm skillet

  4. Sprink in candy bar bits

  5. Cook, flip, cook

  6. Done!


Okay, I'll admit, this one I haven't heard of until this year. Lots of people were posting in Facebook groups about selling their candy when out of nowhere I saw a different post. This young mom was collecting the candy to donate to local women's shelters and homeless shelters. She made up these cute goodie bags with inspirational quotes and took them around to those in need to help brighten their day. It's not a necessity, but a simple act of kindness to bring light to those who need it most.


Okay, so maybe you didn't get a ton of candy, and you still want to give it to your kids, but they're being little you know whats. Put the candy out of reach and make a chore chart or something where they can "work for it". This is a great way to start young on the importance of hard work and "money management" or in this case, candy management.


This one is for all you working parents. Take your candy to work! Put it in a bowl for your coworkers or customers and pawn it off on them. This method works great for getting it out of your house but saves you a trip to the store to get candy for your workplace. Silly, but a nice way to use the candy your kids won't eat.

What are you doing with your leftover Halloween candy? Did your family already eat it all?

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