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Being Grateful ROCKS!

I've been trying to do more fun crafty and/or adventurous things with my 7-year-old lately. I think we found the perfect project for both! Grateful Rocks!

Have you ever heard of them? No?

Me neither, but I asked Henry what he wanted to do the other day and he said, "Paint rocks!"

So we set out on an adventure to find the rocks. While we were out and about, I asked him what we should do with the rocks after we painted them and he said, "I dunno, maybe give them to people?" Well, that sparked the idea!

After we found the rocks we needed; we painted them for Thanksgiving. You know, fall colors, leaves, and even a turkey.

I wrote, "I am thankful for..." on every rock and painted the bottom of the rocks white.


You see, this is going to be our NEW Thanksgiving day tradition. Everyone at dinner will get a rock and write what they are most thankful for on the bottom. They will be able to keep the rock or go hide it in nature somewhere.

Either way, years from now, it will bring someone joy!

This is so easy and duplicatable. I'm excited about new traditions and the time I spent with my son thinking this up. I loved going through the process to make them, and I am SO excited to see what our family thinks about them on Thanksgiving day!

Have you ever made Grateful Rocks or something like it? What other Thanksgiving day traditions does your family have?

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