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DIY: Flowers That Never Die

*This post contains affiliate links by companies I have vetted, trust, and love!*

At this point, if you've followed my social media or blog for any amount of time now, you are familiar with Sola Wood Flowers. These wood flowers NEVER die! Why? Because as their name suggests, they are made of wood!

Check out the projects I've done using these flowers!

Here is an example of a kit setup as well as flowers before they are dyed. You can purchase them pre-dyed if you wish, I just have always chosen to color them myself.

Dying the flowers is so fun! It's kind of messy, but you get so worth it. You can mess around with the pigmentation, color mixing, etc. Then you glue them to whatever your project is, such as a wire heart or bamboo stems. Either way, glue sticks will be your friend!

When you are finished, you have a beautiful arrangement that can be used as decor in your house or even a wedding. You can use them for anything! Think BIG! Birthdays, holidays, special events, a GNO project. The possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few reasons why I love this company. First and foremost, it's a fun activity I can share with my son or even my mom and sister!

  • It's a woman-owned company.

  • They always have deals going on, so their projects are super affordable.

  • You get to customize and create whatever you want.

  • They give you practically ALL the tools.

  • Shipping is quick and the items are always secured and protected.

  • And a bonus for me, they are local!

Check out the different kinds of DIY Flowers you can do, by checking out my friends below!

Check out Jessica and Kayla's Instagrams!

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