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DIY Valentine's Day Card Inspiration

First off, let's talk about how ALL my projects start out like this!

Does anyone else gather all their supplies in a big heap before beginning their projects?

Anyway! I am a big fan of "funny" and "cute" V-Day cards, so here is a couple I threw together. It's as simple as writing on a folded piece of paper! You will also see that I used this chalkboard paper that I picked up from the dollar store too.

My other new favorite thing is using stamps! I'm not a great artist and my handwriting sucks (as you can clearly see in these pictures), so using stamps is like the perfect cheat.

Here are a few phrases that you can also use on your cards:

  • I wanna get jalapeno business tonight! (with a picture of a jalapeno...)

  • You suck less than most people.

  • I'd go through 2020 again just for you.

  • Did you just drop out of a B52? Because you're the bomb! (Yes, I stole this from Planes: Fire and Rescue. It's my favorite line in the movie!)

  • Baby, Yoda one for me (With Baby Yoda, of course)

  • We were made for each "otter"

  • You are my favorite person to annoy!

Think that was fun?! Check out what a few other GalPals are up to with a Valentine’s Day Card blog round up.





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