• Lynsey Mahoskey

Fun Crafty Dollar Tree Finds

So you want to be crafty, but you're on a budget, eh?


Here are some fun crafty Dollar Tree finds for you to check out!

Henry and I busted out these cute paintings one day after dinner, and it was so much fun!

I also got a wire heart that I will use later for a super-secret craft...

(Don't worry, I'll post a blog about the details when it's done!).

Oh! And remember My FROSTY Family I posted about? Yup, 100% dollar store find!

Lastly, I got this super cute ribbon and felt hearts. Should I make a garland or should I use them to wrap Valentine's presents for my boys? What would you do?

Oh, but don't stop there! My friends are also sharing some awesome dollar store crafts that are SUPER cheap! Click on their picture and head to their Instagram, or find their blog links below! HAPPY CRAFTING!

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