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How have I not shared about Self-Care yet?

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YOU GUYS!!! If you know me at all, you know I am super passionate about self-care. Like SUPER passionate! It's one of the reasons I started Real Mom Tribe!

Okay, okay, enough about that, let's just dip our toe in real quick! Most people I talk to have no clue where to start when it comes to self-care, so let's just brush that surface today.

Self-care can be as simple as spelling the word itself! See below.

Skincare - Your skin protects your body and all that's inside it. You need to treat it well and keep it healthy. This is the one area of my life that I do not skimp on. I make sure that my skin has the best quality products. These products here are my favorite because they are good clean ingredients, and it feels like a luxury spa at home!

Exercise - This goes back to my previously stated statement. You only get one body. Movement keeps it healthy and that is the very definition of SELF CARE. Taking care of yourself! I like to "work out" at home with online videos or just a good old fashioned dance party with my kids! Put your favorite form of movement in the comments section!

Laydown - Sometimes what our mind and body need is a RESET! Take a minute, lay down, close your eyes. Even if you don't actually nap, at least you are taking a break and that is a step in the right direction!

Feet - Ah, now here is what most people think of when they think self-care. PAMPERING. And you know what, they are right! Nothing beats a good pedicure, except maybe a foot zone. Check out my gal, Head to Sole, for more info on what this practice actually is.

Create - Okay, now don't @ me for this one. Give it a chance! I am a firm believer that getting your creative juices flowing is SO good for your mental health. Doing something that you enjoy and creating something new makes the soul happy! I'm a crafty person, but not everyone is. You can write, take photos, paint, make a video, whatever it may be. Try making something out of nothing and see how it makes you feel!

Affirm - This trend is a growing one. I was late to the game, but after I found Starlight and Love, I am now a firm believer! She sent me her affirmation cards a while back and I cannot wait to buy another set. There are plenty of pages on Instagram you can check out too, or you can look some up on YouTube or even Pinterest.

Realistic - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! Please, please, please do not set yourself up for failure. If you only have 10 minutes to take a shower, then embrace it and make it the best damn 10 minutes of your day. If you can afford a massage, then, by all means, go get a massage! But do not commit to something outside your reach.

Enjoy! - Okay, I said the last one was the most important, but I feel like this one is without a doubt the MOST important part of self-care. If you aren't enjoying it, then it's not self-care, plain and simple.

And it truly is as simple as that!

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