• Lynsey Mahoskey

It's Been a Long Time Coming...

Did you know this is NOT my first blog? It's not even my first mom blog! Oh no no no! You see, I had a blog a while back. In fact, this whole #realmomtribe thing started as "Real Mom Blogs".

I did it, I was unorganized, and I failed. So I switched solely to social media and I have been love/hating it ever since! (Social media is a hard game, you guys!) After being asked multiple times about my website, turning down writing jobs, getting passed on brand deals because I didn't have one, I finally decided it was time to start a new blog.

This thought came around about A YEAR AGO... I said, "Okay, I'll do it, but it has to be perfect!" BAHAHAHA What a freaking joke! That was me, just making excuses because something was hard, or a challenge, or because I was scared. Which is exactly what I was, SCARED!

So fast forward to about a month or two ago. I took on a crazy passion project (which I'll talk about in another blog), and through that journey, instead of inspiring others, I accidentally inspired myself! So here I am, writing blogs and shit! Oops, sorry, that's probably not the last time you'll see a swear word on this blog. Just being honest!

Anywho, welcome! I am so excited to be sharing this space with you and going on this journey together! You'll see all kinds of things on here; anything from skincare to skinned knees and everything in between. I am just a real mom, talking about real life.

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