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Make It Yourself: Shamrock Parfait!

This is SO easy to make, your kids could do it!

This was my first attempt at making a pudding parfait, and it was so much fun and so easy. Basically, the key to making a really good parfait is to decide what YOU like and get those ingredients. Here is how I made mine!


  • Oreos (I did the thins because I like the filling and didn't want to scrap it out)

  • Vanilla Pudding X2 (or whatever pudding you choose)

  • Green food coloring

  • Marshmallows

The first thing I did was crush the Oreos in some Ziploc bags to keep them contained. Then make your pudding. I make one package green and let the other golden vanilla!

Then prep your work area by setting out your cups, and START FILLING!

Make them your own and play around with different layers.

It really is that simple. I don't think I need to put an actual recipe because the only thing you "cook" is the pudding and I just followed the directions on the box!

Things I considered AFTER the fact:

  • I made 16 solo cups, but I would recommend 10-12. That will make it so you have more in each cup, or could do more layers.

  • I bought whipped cream with every intention to use it in the green pudding to make it light and fluffy as well as adding a dollop on top with a few sprinkles, but guess what? I totally forgot I bought whipped cream until my husband pointed it out to me HOURS later!

  • This recipe would be so delicious with Lucky Charms, and I 100% intend on trying it!

  • The marshmallows were a little too much for me... They were extremely sweet and turned mushy pretty fast. If I made this again exactly as I did, I would skip them.

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