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National Cookie Day - The Easiest Gingerbread Cookies, like ever!

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Christmas is a time for making memories, but let's be honest, we can't all be Martha Stuart! We're all busy, stressed, and just trying to make the best of this crazy year!

For example, we've been packing like crazy because we have to be out of our house BEFORE Christmas (Yes, I know it sucks, but we chose this life), and I have packed away ALL, and I mean all, of my baking stuff!

So how am I supposed to bake Christmas cookies and make memories with my son?

ENTER BROOKEY BAKES and her Gingerbread Cookie Kits!

This cute little local baker is right in my home town, and if you follow me on Insta, you know my love for her is no secret! She saved the day for me by making this cute kit!

Just check out how cute and fun it is!

The cookies and icing come premade so it's literally the easiest!

Then I just got some of our own sprinkles and "jazzed" them up!

(p.s. I added a little peppermint extract to the last of the icing to decorate a special "mommy cookie" just for me! Ha, it was my birthday, who could blame me?)

I'm sure you can agree... Second to Christmas, today is the best day, right??

Anywho, my friends are also celebrating the big day today, you should check them out as well! Click on their name to visit their Insta, and click on their picture to head to their blog!







"And that's the way the cookie crumbles!" - Bruce Nolan

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