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Real Honest Book Recommendations for Kids 6-11

*Please note, this blog contains Amazon Affiliate links*

Our family is BIG on reading! I personally really enjoy reading, but I also understand the importance of introducing reading EARLY. The sooner you start teaching your kids to love reading, the better off they will be. There really isn't a downside to reading. If your child doesn't love something, then try something different! Here are 5 of my recommendations for kids 6 years to 11 years old.

We have read and loved all of these books! Something adventurous, something about science, some about social acceptance, and some just for fun. Click on the book's cover to view it on Amazon!

Honorable Mentions

Now, real quickly here are a list that my 7-year-old wanted to throw in for your viewing pleasure.

What are some of your favorite books?

Leave them in the comments and we'll check them out!

We love reading!

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