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Real Honest Reviews - Lollipop Baby Monitor

*This product was gifted to me in exchange for my honest opinion. The links included in this post, however, are not affiliate links.

You all know that we recently moved. Back in December we sold our house and moved in with my in-laws. Right after Freddie was born, he slept in our room in a bassinet. While we lived with my in-laws he slept right next to our bed. So for the first year of his life, he slept in the same room as mom and dad.

So naturally, you can see why I was a little worried to have him start sleeping in his own room. I needed to be able to see him or hear him at any given time. My "mom-anxiety" kicked in bad! I reached out to my friends on Instagram and a ton of them suggested the Lollipop Baby Monitor. It was affordable, could be found on Amazon, and could connect to your phone. I reached out to them and they were very kind to let me test it out!

Features I love

  • I love that it is cute but discrete. I honestly was worried Freddie would try to grab it or play with it, and he has not once shown interest! Along those same lines, it comes with these things that hold and conceal the cord so your baby doesn't grab it and play with it!

  • I also love that it comes with this wall mount so when we are ready and have his room all set up, we can put the camera up higher and have a view of the whole room rather than just his bed.

  • The app has been great too, the only time you have access to the camera is if the phone and baby monitor share the same wifi connection. This is a big deal for me because security and privacy are important to me, but especially to my husband.

What could use some improvement

Honestly, this baby monitor is everything I personally was looking for, but I can see where something could use some improvement.

  • The connectivity depends on your wifi, so if you don't have a strong connection, the video footage will cut out a bit. This is not something the company has control over, so just make sure you check your wifi speed.

  • The push notifications are A LOT at first. I was getting them for noise alerts during the day when the baby wasn't even in there and we were just playing in the house. The good news is, that can be changed in the settings.

  • The app is free as long as you only need the basic features, but if you want the advanced features you have to pay monthly. I personally think it should be included when you buy the camera, but alas, it was not a deal-breaker for me. I only need the basic features anyway.

Final thoughts and opinion

If you are like me and basic is better, this baby monitor is great! I plan on keeping it for a while! Even as Freddie grows out of the crib, we can use it to keep an eye on him while he's playing in his room, or we can even move the camera to the playroom to have eyes on the kids in there. I love that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg and that you can get it through Amazon, so you can use your Prime and it's backed by their guarantee and return policy. There is even a protection plan option available.

Grab your own Lollipop Baby Camera here!

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