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Simple Holiday Front Porch Decor

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It's time to switch out your fall front porch decor for something a little "cooler," if you catch my drift... Check out how I transformed my porch using just a few simple items I had around the house!


First things first, the old rotting pumpkins had to go! After I threw away the old jack-o-lanterns, I took my 4th of July doormat off (yes, it was still on my porch through fall, don't judge me) and put it away for next summer. Finally, I got rid of my Halloween wreath, which had seen better days, and swept and wiped down my entire front porch area.


Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? What about a blue one? Do you prefer earthy tones? Find out what you're drawn to and make a quick note of it. Have an idea of the colors you want to use, textures, etc. Do you want it to light up? Are you a fan of glitter and glam? Whatever your theme is, make a plan!


Click here to see the DIY blog
Click here to see the DIY blog

Not every idea has to be Clark Griswold big, and you don't need to spend your kid's college fund on fancy front porch decor. Get creative, look around your house and see if there is anything you can upcycle! I had this arch from a previous Decocrated box, and while it is cute as is, I thought it would be super cute with a quick makeover! I spray painted it white, found some greenery and holly, and TADA! A unique, out-of-the-box front door decor that isn't your typical holiday wreath!


I wanted something simple, yet elegant for my porch this year. What's more beautiful than Christmas trees? I added this simple mini tree and porch lamp to add to the ambiance of my front porch decor. I love the white lights and the repetition of the holly berries.


Last, but most certainly not least, the iconic doormat. I don't care what anyone thinks, I love a new doormat for every holiday! Yes, I know I left my 4th of July one up WAY too long, but this holiday doormat was the final touch to the perfect front porch decor. You can either DIY one, shop local, or even pick one up from a hardware or big box store.

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