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Spice up "Play Time" with a little Spooky Twist!

'Tis the season for screamin', right?

Raise your hand if you're a Halloween fan! (ME!) And of course, I've passed it on to my kid. He LOVES Halloween!

Wanna know what else this kid loves? MONSTER TRUCKS!!!

This kid is always having homemade monster truck shows in our very living room.

So naturally, the other day he asked me to help him make a special Halloween edition show!

We rounded up all of his spookiest trucks, pulled in some of our decorations, and WALLAH!

You have yourself a super simple Halloween activity perfect for a 7-year-old that cost nothing but the decorations in your house!

I like to keep somewhat "cheap" decorations around just for things like this! Dollar store glow in the dark spiders (had like 6 in 1 bag), a spiderweb chip bowl (also from the dollar store), and a fun spider candle holder someone gave me a hundred years ago.

SO fun and cute and kept him entertained for the entirety of The Adams Family. A classic!

Tell me, do you keep "kid-friendly" Halloween decorations around for them to play with?

Now, this is great if you have a 7-year-old, but what if your kids are younger? Older? Crafty? Check out my friends to see what fun Halloween activities their kids are getting into!







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